About us

Welcome to Nakamura knives

Welcome to the Internet resource for all things related to cutlery and sharpening.
The Nakamura knives has been working hard since 2015 to give you the best knife service on the internet.

Our base of operations is in Chiba Japan. We offer the finest custom order Japanese knives and a free sharpening that can be accessed through the web.

The Kaishin knives are our original brand for high-end model knives.
“Kai” means a pioneer (魁)
“Shin” means a spirit (心)
To make these knives, we have teamed up with awesome craftsman from Sakai-city at Osaka.

With our competitive prices and our broad range of products, we have many customers world-wide with continue to purchase knives from us.

Our company president, Mr. Nakamura, has extensive experience working as a sushi chef at a well-known restaurant in Osaka and Los Angeles. For those who are looking for specialty knives, he is glad to offer ideas and advice.

Company name: Nakamura Hamono Kogei LLC.
Headquarters: Hosoo 9-2, Isumi-shi, Chiba
E-mail: info@japaneseknifenakamura.com
Web site: https://japaneseknifenakamura.com/
Business: Retail and wholesale for Japanese knife