You can finds rare and special bargain knives

Nakagawa-saku Honyaki Gyuto
This is some of the best Japanese knife.
Kaishin stainless thin Japanese chef knife
Kaishin Kurouchi series
White #2 & Blue #2 steel
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About Kaishin

The Kaishin knives are our original brand for Japanese knives.
Kai (魁) means a pioneer. Shin (心) means a spirit.
To make these knives, we teamed up with traditional black smith and seasoned sharpening maker. Together both do what they are good at, and they are turning out awesomeness. Nakamura make the handle and install blade. These knives are crazy sharp.



We offer the finest Honyaki (Mizu-Honyaki) knives.
That is extremely difficult to forge, requiring a high level of skill and experience. The stunning Honyaki knives are hand forged by top blacksmith and sharpener to create a truly special knife.
These knives are crazy sharp.


Custom Made Your Knife

We can make various style of custom Japanese knives.
You can design your knife with premium wood handle, blade and Saya.
To ask for a quotation or get more information about custom order,
please complete this form or please feel free to contacting us via our contact page.

Special Price

New with some defects and new old stock etc.
Acceptable condition knives.
You can finds rare and bargain knives.